Food, Beverage and Agriculture Industry keynotes based on Tony’s TECHXponential™ Food Future concept. But it’s more than a concept, it’s an essential mindset.

     The TECHXponential™ Concept

New technologies are driving the food industry

These include alternative proteins, cellular agriculture, genomics, the microbiome and synthetic biology.

Food is now all about technology. 

technologies advance exponentially

We’ve seen this with electronics and software technologies.

With Food as technology and technologies advancing exponentially

The Future of Food is TECHXponential™!

TECHXponential™ Food Future Keynotes

All available as In Person or Virtual presentations

Welcome to our Techxponential™ food future

Tony’s trademark presentation showcasing his unique view that “Food Is Now Technology”. This means that food technologies are advancing exponentially and you only have to look at the explosion in alternative protein technologies to see the truth in this statement. Food truly is TECHXponential™.

In this keynote we’ll explore;

  • How technology now dominates the food industry in a way never seen before.
  • Just how different the food industry is compared to 10, or even 5 years ago.
  • Which new technologies are fundamentally changing the industry.
  • How tobe prepared for the alternative futures which could result.
  • Potential winners and losers in these alternative futures.

    Reimagining the Global Food System

    Feeding 10 bn people by 2050 means that the Food, Beverage & Ag industries are at the forefront of meeting this challenge. The problem is that our current global food system can’t equitably and sustainably feed the increasing population. New technologies, doing more with less, are rising to the challenge, enabling us to reimagine a more sustainable and equitable global food system.

    In this keynote we’ll;

    • Understand how cutting edge food technologies will change the future of the Food, Beverage & Ag Industries.
    • Explore how we can we decouple food from the twin tyrannies of arable land and available fresh water.
    • Look at how countries can use new technologies to attain increased levels of self-sufficiency and food security.
    • Learn how we can embrace exponential food technologies to reimagine a whole new low GHG food system.

      personalise or perish!

      Personalisation is everywhere, from our Spotify playlist to Google ads, and for consumers personalisation is becoming a given. Food will not be immune to this trend and we take a provocative look at how cutting-edge technologies will drive meeting this consumer expectation. How will the Food, Beverage and Ag industries cope?

      In this keynote we’ll explore;

      • Why there will be no food industry in 2050.
      • The technologies driving personalisation in the food, beverage and ag industries as we race towards 2050.
      • How to understand the signals of change defining the alternative futures.
      • How this understanding can be used to take decisive action to gain a competitive advantage.


          Tony presents inspirational keynotes based on his unique TECHXponential™ Food Future concept.

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