Keynote Food, Beverage and Ag Industry keynotes based on Tony’s FutureCUBED™ method

The FutureCUBED™ Method

Challenge your thinking

Gain new perspectives your competitors have missed!

Understand the signals

Discover what’s non-obvious today, but obvious tomorrow.

Be prepared

Develop alternative futures to be prepared for THE future when it appears.

Embrace exponential technologies

Understanding that technology is exponential, not linear.

Decisive action

Preemptive action to gain a competitive, market leading advantage.


All available as In Person or Virtual presentations


Right now short term planning is the priority and long term planning is second. Practical, flexible and agile planning is what’s needed. The problem is that planning usually requires at least short term stability – good luck with that at the moment!

We’re in the Horizon of Chaos, where everything is uncertain.

In this keynote learn how to;

  • Predict and plan for the immediate future of the next 0-6 months.
  • Understand the new definitions of flexibility and agility.
  • Be prepared for the future, whatever reality eventuates.
  • Gain competitive advantage in the short term without sacrificing long term opportunities.


The current pandemic and the likelihood of more pandemics will linger in people’s minds for years, if not decades. With a vaccine unlikely until 2021 people are turning to traditional immune support options, particularly food. The intersection of this and other trends and technologies will determine the Future of Food.By understanding these trends and technologies businesses can thrive during and after the pandemic.

In this keynote we’ll;

  • Challenge our thinking on which consumer needs have changed.
  • Understand the signals of change and how to interpret them.
  • Discover the most important food Megatrend.


Is our Post-Corona Future a Hangover? (NEW)

COVID-19 has irrevocably changed our world. But have consumer’s fundamental needs changed or has COVID-19 simply emphasised some needs and de-emphasised others or is this simply a bump in the road in the long term?

In this keynote we’ll;

  • Explore the pandemic winners and losers.
  • Explore short and long-term implications for the Food, Beverage and Ag industries.
  • Challenge our thinking on the probability of another pandemic.
  • Explore what businesses can do to Be prepared and even prosper from current and future disruptions.

Will feeding the world kill the planet?

Feeding 10 bn people by 2050 means the Food, Beverage & Ag industries are at the forefront of meeting this challenge. From basic foods to sophisticated, previously unknown products, innovation and implementing new technologies will be essential to success.

In this keynote we’ll;

  • Challenge our thinking about how exponential technologies could change the future of the Food, Beverage & Ag Industries.
  • Consider how embracing exponential technologies could change the global Future of Food.
  • Ask if we’ll recognize these Industries 5, 10 or 20 years?

Sustainability with Equitability

COVID-19 has revealed many shortcomings of the globalisation of the food supply chain. What do these mean for food sovereignty and the equitable global distribution of food?

In this keynote we’ll explore;

  • Whether we can we de-couple food from the tyranny of arable land and available water.
  • What countries can do to attain a level of self-sufficiency and food security.
  • How to take Decisive action by Embracing exponential technologies to imagine new local and global food systems.

Personalise or Perish!

Tony’s trademark presentation, with a provocative look at how cutting-edge technologies will change the face of the Food, Beverage and Ag industries. Consumers are demanding more and more personal attention, how will our industries cope?

In this keynote we’ll explore;

  • The technologies which will dominate food, beverage and ag the decades to come to 2050.
  • How to Understand the signals of change.
  • How you can use the signals to take Decisive action to gain a competitive advantage.

TONY THRIVES ON CHANGE and presentations can be tailored to your individual event needs.

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