I watched a fascinating 9 minute TED video from Vinod Khosla in which he shares some interesting thoughts. The one that really stood out for me was “Experts extrapolate the past. They prevent radical progress because they don’t think nonlinearly. They don’t think of the improbable. Entrepreneurs, with a passion for a vision, invent the future they want.” It echoes my thoughts that “It’s dangerous to live linearly in an exponential world”.

Of his 12 predictions the ones that appealed most to me were:

#5 Internet access will be mostly by agents.

Most consumers of the internet will be agents acting for consumers doing tasks and fending off marketers and bots. Tens of billions of agents on the internet will be normal.

#6 From the practice of medicine to the science of medicine

We will be capable of providing precision care based on the patients’ -omics as AI models for each individual enabling simulation of each body for therapeutics, dosages, etc.

#7 We will have new food and fertilisers.

We will have much better alternate protein production to replace traditional animal protein, & “green” fertilizer. And taste will far exceed that of traditional cows!

As a fellow techno-optimist he finishes with:

“All we need is a few entrepreneurs who will imagine the impossible, dream the dreams, and then be foolish enough to make them come true.”

Invent the future you want, or someone else will do it for you and you may not like their version!