Tony Hunter

Our TECHXponential™ Food Future


As a Global Food Futurist Speaker with a background as a food scientist and over three decades experience in the food industry, Tony has witnessed and participated in huge transformations. He has developed a limitless appetite for the  Food Technologies, becoming one of the worlds thought leaders on the Future of Food. His TECHXponential™ concept revolutionises the understanding of the Future of Food.

We know that we need solutions to feeding the exploding population on our planet. Tony’s keynotes explore how we can we use technology to sustainably and equitably increase food production to feed the global population. All while minimising our impact on the environment.


As a Global Keynote Food Futurist Speaker Tony travels the world bringing his unique TECHXponential™ perspective to the exponentially changing Future of Food.

He has spoken at Global conferences such as V-Connect Asia 2021, THAIFEX-Anuga Asia 2021, Food South Australia Summit 2021, The future of meat: hybrid 2021 Food Ingredients CONNECT 2020, Emerging Meat Alternatives Conference 2020,  EvokeAG 2020, Food Matters Live in London, Feed Additives Asia 2019, THAIFEX 2019, Global Table 2019 and the Synthetic Biology Australasia Conference 2019. He regularly features in the online, print, radio and podcast media as an expert on the Future of Food.

Our TECHXponential™ Food Future

future focused

Tony delivers inspirational and informative keynotes at global food industry conferences and corporate food business events. He delivers Big Ideas for a Big Food Future based on his unique concept that food is now technology and technology advances exponentially. Hence his unique Big Idea that food is now TECHXponential™.


Exploring the possibilities of the Future of Food, Tony will take you on an inspirational technological journey into the Future of Food.

TECHXponential™ is not just a concept, but an essential mindset.

strategic advice

As a consultant Tony provides strategic foresight advice to food industry organisations to introduce them to the new technologies effecting the Future of Food.

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Over this last 30 years Tony’s seen it all from multiple angles including start-ups, General Management and consulting, as well as being a qualified Food Scientist.  He is also a sought after expert consultant to global food companies, consultancies, and investors. His successful consultancy business counts major Australian and Global companies including Accenture, Bright Green Partners, KFC, Top Cut and several Family Offices as clients.



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