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Tony’s TECHXponential™ Future of Food keynotes inspire and delight audiences around the globe.

Do questions like these keep your delegates up at night?

  • How do I keep up with new technologies?
  • What will these technologies mean for my business?
  • What could the future of my industry look like?
  • How can I lead my organisation if I don’t understand the future?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these then look no further than Tony’s TECHXponential™ family of keynotes. His years of research and intimate knowledge of the food industry mean he will inspire, inform and delight your audience!

Keynote Topics

Welcome to our TECHXPONENTIAL™ food FUTURE

Exploring the Future of Food is a leadership responsibility. Without knowledge of the future how do you know where you’re going? By adopting a TECHXponential™ mindset Boards and Executives can lead their organisations with confidence.

Reimagining the global food system

The current global food system can't sustainably and equitably feed a world of 10 billion people in 2050. So how do we do it? By using new technologies to fundamentally reimagine the global food system.

Navigating the ai food revolution

Not long ago easily usable AI seemed a distant possibility. Then, like all exponential technologies, AI exploded into view, leaving Food, Beverage and Ag companies questioning the effect it will have on them.


About Tony

With a background as a food scientist and over three decades experience in the food industry, Tony has witnessed and participated in huge transformations. He has developed a limitless appetite for new Food Technologies, becoming one of the worlds thought leaders on the Future of Food. His TECHXponential™ concept revolutionises the understanding of the Future of Food.

What industry professionals are saying about Tony

“Tony was very easy to work with and cared about the success of our event. He was prepared, thoughtful, engaged and most of all, kind and informed! I would definitely recommend Tony to other event planners looking for a dynamic and interesting speaker on the future of food.”

Paula Perri

VP, Events EVNT MGMT RC Show

“Tony was very easy to work with and made excellent suggestions to add value to our event. He had a genuine interest in making the event a success and received highly positive feedback from our delegates.”

Kathryn Pullman

Events & Sponsorship Manager, Food South Australia

“Tony is a brilliant keynote speaker who is able to draw the crowd through his high-energy speaking sessions. We had the pleasure to host him at THAIFEX-Anuga Asia this year, and the audience appreciated his insightful sharing on the future of food”

Ira Iskandar

Koelnmesse, THAIFEX

“Tony is a dynamic and thought provoking speaker who made a valuable contribution to the Maxum Foods event. Our customers and staff were fascinated by his high quality presentation on future dairy technologies and the Future of Food.”

Breanna Caton

Marketing Manager, Maxum Foods

“Tony is an engaging and exuberant speaker who really gave our audience something to think about regarding the future of our industry.”

Olympia Theocharous

Head of Event Content, Feedinfo

“Tony’s emceeing kept the energy up in the room and kept us on time. His comments as the event proceeded were insightful and his key takeaways to round out the event were an ideal end to the conference.

Lisa Cavallaro

Senior Manager - Investment at Brisbane Economic Development Agency

Some of Tony’s Clients

Tony Hunter Speaker
Tony Hunter Speaker
Tony Hunter Speaker
Tony Hunter Speaker

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Tony Hunter Speaker

Tony presents inspirational keynotes based on his unique TECHXponential™ Food Future concept.

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No meat for you!

No meat for you!

As countries develop, and their GDP per capita grows, this is usually accompanied by an increase in consumption of animal products. The problem of extending animal agriculture as the global population and middle classes grow is that there’s simply not enough arable...

Reimagining the future of palm oil

Reimagining the future of palm oil

One of the problems of the global food system is that we’re locked into a small range of key ingredients that are often geographically localized. One of these is the notorious palm oil, 85% of which comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. Palm oil is used in a staggering...

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